Sn97Ag3 Solder

Sn97Ag3 Solder


As one of the lead free Sn-Ag alloy solders, Sn97Ag3 solder is also widely used because of good wettability, fast soldering speed, bright and smooth solder point surface, good fluidity and high thermal fatigue resistance. Its solidus is221 ℃, and liquidus is222℃.

Roles of Each Element

1. Silver provides mechanical strength, but it has weaker ductility than lead. In lead free Sn-Ag alloy solders, silver improves resistance to fatigue from thermal cycles.

2. Copper lowers the melting point, improves resistance to thermal cycle fatigue, and improves wetting properties of the molten solder. It also slows down the rate of dissolution of copper.

Parameters of Lead Free Sn-Ag Alloy Solders

Alloy Composition

Melting Point (℃)

Specific Gravity








Hand Soldering and Wave Soldering

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