Solder Iron Tip Tinner

Solder Iron Tip Tinner


At present, there is no better way to prevent solder tip from oxidation except make a prompt replacement. But that is not economical and somehow wastes resources. After years of research and investigation, Lichuang launches solder tip tinner or cleaner which is good at renewing the oxidized tip. The oxidized tip should be putted into the tinner and then be rolled with solder wires.


1. Solder tip tinner accords to ROHS and REACH requirements.

2.  It produces little smoke and pungent smell.

3. The solder tip cleaner has good thermostability and excellent reducing property.

4. It can be used for a hundred times.

Maintenance of Solder Tip

1. Cautions

Following are common caused for that the solder tip can’t pick up tin. Users should take great care and try to avoid these.

1) Too high temperature (over 400℃) makes the tin pick-up surface oxidized easily.

2) The tin is not enough to cover the whole surface.

3) During welding, the soldering flux is not enough. Remember not adopt active flux that will quicken the oxidization of the surface. Water-soluble flux is corrosive under high temperature and destroys solder tip.

4) The sponge used to scrub the tip is of high sulphur content. Or it is too dry or very dirty.

5) The tip contacts organic substance like plastic, lubricating oil or other compounds.

6) The tin content is very low or it is impure.

2. Attentions

1) Clear away the residual oxide, stain or soldering flux on the solder tip and eliminate the impurity of heating unit so that the tip or heating unit won’t get blocked. Make sure the tip at the proper position.

2) Set the temperature to 200℃ for pre-heating and set it to 300℃ as long as the temperature meets the requirement. When the temperature reaches 300℃, users should place tin at the end of solder tip. Three to five minutes later, set the required working temperature.

3) During welding, do not squeeze the welding item with solder tip. Avoid not using friction method for welding, which does no good to heat conduction and would damage the tip.

4) Forbid to use coarse object to attrition solder tip.

5) Soldering flux of chlorine or acid should not be used. 

6) Do not put any compound on tin pick-up surface.

7) Turn the temperature down below 200℃ when the tip is unused for a long time. Besides, coat it with tin for protection.

8) Scrub clean the tip after one day’s working and add tin at its top point. Then, place the solder tip on the rack and turn off the power.

9) Utilize abrasive paper to softly scrub the oxidized tin-pick-up surface and then roll solder wire around the surface to heat it. And add tin to the surface when the wire dissolves.

3. General Maintenance

1) Clean with cleaning naphtha the plastic coating or metal part under cooling condition.

2) Prevent solder tip for liquids.

3) It is forbidden to knock or strike the tip so as not to damage galvanothermy tube.

4) During working, use asbestos to clean the oxide on solder tip promptly. The asbestos should keep moist and is washed every four hours.

5) If the tip gets oxidized, users should utilized crocus paper to remove the impurities and then coat it with tin. If this does not work, change the tip immediately.

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