Aluminum Welding Solder

  • Solder for Copper Aluminum Pipe
  • Solder for Copper Aluminum Pipe By fusion welding, friction welding, cold welding, explosion welding, electron beam welding, ultrasonic welding and other welding method of welding copper and aluminum, Become more expensive copper, copper - aluminum material is widely used to replace copper in the air conditioner. These pipes should have heat resistance, good physical properties and high pressure,
  • Copper to Aluminum Solder
  • Copper to Aluminum Solder Aluminum brazing solder is suitable for welding aluminum to aluminum copper and aluminum. It has a moderate flowability, and the advantages of good bonding strength of the anti-aging properties. And equipped with a non-corrosive, stable performance, long-term preservation. More importantly, the particular specifications of the aluminum flux can be customized. All in all, it is ideal for copper - aluminum and aluminum-copper welding.
  • Aluminum to Aluminum Solder
  • Aluminum to Aluminum Solder It is mainly filled into the weld line, cladding layer or brazing seam. Generally, the aluminum solder includes welding wire, rod and welding ring.
  • Aluminum To Aluminum Soldering Ring
  • Aluminum To Aluminum Soldering Ring Force a weld ring is designed to be used for welding aluminum and aluminum high-performance and environmentally friendly materials. It is in electrical products, such as refrigerators, TVs, electric fans, washing machines, air conditioning, and transformers are widely used.
  • Aluminum Welding Wire
  • Aluminum Welding Wire Aluminum wire as filler metal arc welding and gas welding, aluminum alloy, high strength and quality lightweight. Mainly for manual welding process MIG welding (metal inert gas welding) and automatic MIG welding, parent material, wire, shielding gas, welding equipment.


Lichuang offers a wide range of aluminum welding solder of all kinds of dimension, suitable for manual or automatic induction brazing of cutting segments.

1. Aluminum Condensers and Heat Exchangers

2. Marble and Stone Cutters

3. Aluminum-Copper Joints

Our aluminum welding flux makes it possible to join aluminum to copper and brass.

4. Heating Elements

For different heating element applications and various production methods, Lichuang offers wide range of products from brazing rings to nickel pastes.


1.Lichuang aluminum welding solder is characterized by user friendliness, high efficiency and good fluidity.

2. The parent metal can maintain intact during soldering.

3. This aluminum welding flux also is possessive of stable performance, aging resistance and anti corrosion, thus users can rest assured.