Solder for Copper Aluminum Pipe

Solder for Copper Aluminum Pipe


With copper becoming more and more expensive, copper-aluminum pipes are widely used to replace pure copper materials in air conditioners. These pipes should have properties of heat resistance, anti high pressure and good physical performance after welding. Therefore, our company develops welding solder which meets the requirements of copper aluminum pipes through cooperation with pipe manufacturer and concentrated study on brazing technology. This welding flux has passed usability test of air conditioner industry. It can be divided into welding wire, soldering rod and brazing ring. After launching, the welding solder wins wide application in refrigeration and auto industry.


1. The brazing flux filled inside the welding wire is corrosion resistant, making welding much easier.

2. Lichuang welding solder has advantages of excellent fluidity, easy operation and low welding temperature.

3. It is anti corrosive and its material complies with RoHS standards, thus environmentally friendly and safe.

4. The parent metal is uneasy to melt down, thereby durable.

5. Such welding flux comes with stable property and is free of moisture absorption, requiring no post-soldering acid washing.

6. Our welding solder has perfect welding strength and favorable air impermeability.


This welding solder is applicable to copper aluminum pipes or tubes in home air conditioning, mobile and automotive air conditioning, dehumidifiers, freezer, heater as well as other cold heat exchange industries. The ordinary soldering torch and rubber tube will be available for the welding. And it usually employs LPG plus OXUGEN gas, Acetylene plus Oxygen gas or propane plus oxygen gas for soldering.

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