Lead Free Water Soluble Soldering Flux

Lead Free Water Soluble Soldering Flux


Lichuang LC-550 lead-free water-soluble soldering flux is a compound of various water soluble organic activated agents, surfactants and additives. It is mild with low solid content and no halogen. The soldering climbing speed is fast during welding and the solder joints are bright. This water-soluble soldering flux can adopt foaming or spraying method, suitable for the welding of single, dual and multi-line board. It is an ideal flux that is able to improve productivity and reduce the soldering and cleaning cost.


1. This lead-free water-soluble soldering flux produces less smell, thus eco-friendly.

2. With it, the residues after soldering are easy to clean with deionized water.

3. Lichuang product boasts small surface tension, good wettability and wide application.

4. After cleaning, the board has high insulation resistance.


The lead-free water-soluble soldering flux is fit for the welding of a variety of PCB boards, SMD transformers and electric inductors.


Use deionized water to clean the board and then dry it. However, do not immerse the semi-finished product into water for long time.

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