Electronic Chemicals

  • Cleaning Solvent for Soldering
  • Cleaning Solvent for Soldering Particularly important with thin solve the problem of the gap, caused by the high density assembly of components and components difficult to clean between the cleaning agent is compatible with the problems. Therefore, no-clean flux is generated based on the need for environmental protection and the development of the electronics industry a new flux.
  • Lead Free Water Soluble Soldering Flux
  • Lead Free Water Soluble Soldering Flux Lichuang LC-550 lead-free water-soluble flux is a variety of water-soluble organic activator, it is a gentle, low-solids, halogen-free, welding climbing fast. Such water-soluble flux method can be used foam or spray applied to single, double and multi-line plate welding.
  • Lead Free Soldering Flux
  • Lead Free Soldering Flux A new generation of high-precision electronic devices such as plywood and resin-free solder used, halogen-free, environmentally friendly low solids no-clean flux. Lead-free flux is applied to the foam, spray and dip soldering.
  • Tin Coating Soldering Flux
  • Tin Coating Soldering Flux Tin coating of rosin flux is a halogen-free products made ​​with advanced manufacturing technology and high quality chemical raw materials. It is suitable for double-sided welding, electronics and PCB multi-layer circuit boards, computers, telecommunications, home appliances, etc..
  • Thinner
  • Thinner Colorless liquid disposable environmental flux. Low solids content suitable for wave soldering spray, foaming wave soldering, hand dipped and other technology. For a PCB with SMD have excellent lubricating effect and can effectively reduce the phenomenon of SMD solder connection.
  • Tin lead Soldering Flux
  • Tin lead Soldering Flux Lichuang tin-lead soldering flux, also called soft solder is configured based on the features of and exclusively used for the welding of tin-lead solders. Usually, this product appears colorless or orange (LC-102) and liquid. It suits itself for soldering dual and multi-line circuit board and electronics, computers, telecommunication, household appliances, and more.

Electronic Chemicals Products

1. Cleaning Solvent for Soldering

2. Soldering Flux

1) Tin Coating Soldering Flux

2) Lead-free Water-Soluble Soldering Flux

3) Lead-Free Soldering Flux

3. Flux Thinner 

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