Aluminum To Aluminum Soldering Ring

Aluminum To Aluminum Soldering Ring


Lichuang welding ring is designed to be a high performance and environmental protection material used to weld aluminum to aluminum. It is broadly applied in electrical products, such as refrigerator, television, electrical fan, washing machine, air conditioner as well as transformer. Commonly, this aluminum to aluminum soldering ring employs ordinary welding torch and rubber tube as welding tool. With moderate fluidity and better welding strength and aging resistance, this product has become the ideal material for aluminum to aluminum soldering.


1. The welding ring has three kinds of gas sources: LPG plus oxygen, acetylene plus oxygen, and propane plus oxygen.

2. Made of corrosion resistant materials, this aluminum to aluminum soldering ring meets the requirements of EU ROHS, doing no harm to the nature.

3. Stable as it is, Lichuang product can be stored for quite a long time.

4. The aluminum to aluminum welding requests soft flame. The needed welding temperature is 580℃ whereas aluminum parent metal temperature should be 630℃
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