Cleaning Solvent for Soldering

Cleaning Solvent for Soldering


Commonly, more or less flux residues or other pollutants are left on the electronic parts or surfaces after welding. And even the clean-free flux of very low solid content may also leave some residues which is detrimental to the machine. To solve this problem, however, Lichuang develops a kind of cleaning solvent which is eco-friendly. It has high solubility to rosin and resin solutions and is good at cleaning non-rosin soldering flux. Besides, this electronic cleaning agent has low impact on electronic components and screen printing. Once coming to the market, it is highly received in electronic industry.






LC-9 cleaning solvent features wide application, inflammability, quick volatilization and no corrosion.

It is suitable for scrubbing or ultrasonic cleaning flux residues on PCB boards.


Beyond quick volatilization and inflammability, LC-6 cleaning solvent has excellent washing effect and can swell plastic.

This electronic cleaning agent is used for cleaning welding paste and flux resin residues on PCB boards.


Halogen-free and inflammable, LC-8 cleaning solvent volatilizes quickly and does a good job in cleaning.

The product is available for scrubbing and ultrasonic cleaning of flux residues left on PCB boards.


LC-7 cleaning solvent is characterized by low boiling point, fast volatilization, favorable grease or resin cleaning ability.


Our electronic cleaning agent suits itself for cleaning oil stain and dust on all kinds of machine covers.

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