Sn91Zn9 Alloy Solder

Sn91Zn9 Alloy Solder


Sn-Zn alloy solder bar, also known as tin zinc alloy solder bar, is available for hand dip welding and wave soldering. It is a lead-free solder taking Sn as the base material. The main alloy composition is Sn-9Zn. Compared to other solders, Sn91Zn9 solder bar has lower melting point (198℃) which prevents thermal degradation of heat sensitive components. With it, the welding joint will be much solider.


1. This alloy solder bar enjoys high reliability, optimized mechanical property and great thermal fatigue resistance after welding.

2. It has advantages of fast fluidity, high tensile strength and excellent wiping property. In addition, it is compatible with all copper or brass alloys and is antimony free.

Specification of Sn-Zn Alloy Solder Bar

Alloy Composition

Melting Point (℃)

Specific Gravity








Hand Dip Welding, Wave Soldering

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