Sn95 5Sb Solder Wire

Sn95 5Sb Solder Wire


Lead Free Sn-Sb solder wires are widely used in soldering electronic elements for TV sets, computers, radios, and so on. Factors, such as melting point, plastic range, wetting speed, wetting ability, soldering methods, etc. must be considered when electing the proper lead-free solder alloy. Furthermore, the choice of the alloy primarily depends on the properties of the base metal.


1. Our Sn-Sb solder wires are featured by high purity, strong anti-oxidization, good reliability for connection strength at high temperature, uniform composition, etc.

2. HMP lead-free solder alloy and low flow rate require a longer contact period between the solder and the connections. In this way, the solder can completely fill the holes. 

Parameters of Sn-Sb Solder Wires

Lead-Free Solder Alloy

Melting Point °C

Tensile Strength

Elongation Reat%

Expansion  Rate %








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