Sn92Cu6Ag2 Solder Bar

Sn92Cu6Ag2 Solder Bar


Sn-Ag-Cu lead free solder bars/wires are widely used in various soldering processes, including lead-free automatic wave soldering. Although it is a little more expensive than Sn-Cu solders, it is still popularly used in soldering electronic elements because of its good wettability and heat resistance.


1. Our Sn-Ag-Cu lead free solder bars/wires are featured by reliable working performance, high mechanical performance and superior heat resistance.

2. As specialist high temp solder manufacturer inChina, we produce solders according to RoHS and REACH stansards.

3. Quality solder flux is configured to increase soldering speed and fluidity.
4. Solder and flux rarely splatter around.

5. Solder flux is well and uniformly distributed inside the Sn-Ag-Cu lead free solder bars/wires.

6. There is just a little smoke and smell during soldering.

7. Soldering point is difficult to crack. Besides, copper corrosion is weak so as to protect the alloy surface.

8. It is with strong insulation resistance. Besides, it needed not be cleaned by detergent or water.

9. Sn-Ag-Cu lead free solder bars/wires are available for copper/tin/iron/alloy/other electronic units in radios, communication equipments, meters, instruments, and so on.

10. Residue is easy to remove by hot air after soldering work if necessary.

11. Soldering points are of bright and smooth surface.

Constitutions of Sn-Ag-Cu Lead Free Solder Bars/Wires

Alloy Constitution

Melting Point (℃)

Specific Gravity




92Sn-6Cu -2Ag




Hand/Automatic Soldering

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